Thursday, November 30, 2017


I don't really see law in this particular case.  People bought the property legally, fairly, in an upfront and transparent fashion and I'm not aware of any law that says some bunch of plutocrats can vote in council to just revoke it because their minions fuc'ed up and followed policy and put it up for sale like a boat, or a house, or a car, or an apartment building that the city had seized.

San Francisco Insists that this is theirs!!!
A couple of people buy a road in Baghdad on the Bay that was offered for sale by the city of San Francisco. They paid the money and they got the property almost a year ago. The Illuminati who live on the street are outraged and do what the Illuminati do and told their lickspittles in city hall to "DO SOMETHING! YOU MORONS!@!!!"

I'm not exactly sure how the City/County of Stu[id Fulx can obviate and neuter and transgender a transfer of deed/title, just because of the 'eewwwww it smells' in it.

I enjoy watching the pant suited velociraptors going after the entrepreneur. As you know, in the movies? They mostly win.

I will leave it as an exercise for the student to determine who I mean by "they". Good luck.


The Old Man said...

You are correct, sir. Using lawfare against those who specialize in it is just a bonus....

HMS Defiant said...

Fun fun. There is no downside.