Thursday, November 30, 2017


We shall see.

Mind you, as a Knight Bachelor of Solana Beach, I used to buy the Sunday version for $5.00 at my local book shop and read it at the Stratford cafe. I read it from cover to cover and thought about 30% was worth it, for the book review that was in it. Nowadays, if I get linked to any article with the Times logo at the top, I simply stop and delete. They parted company with real news, real facts, real issues in 1917, but I'm a stayer.

Not so much anymore. If I see that fancy little T at the top, I stop. It doesn't make me angry but it is just like AP. If I want to read a story where all the facts are left out, I can read Ellery Queen.

If you look at the photo shot, can you imagine, how President Trump plays these guys like a master guitarist?

Yeah, they don't get that either.

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