Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I was pruning my mail stacks and saw this news release. Imagine, London in 1945 responding to the German V2s with anti-missiles and nobody ever told you. I thought that only Israel was under daily attack from the muslim missile hordes. Who knew? Yeah man!! If the shites had the bomb they'd use it in a lunar month or less. It's in their nature to kill and let their god sort them all out.

More to the point, it kind of points out why the crown prince of saudi has suddenly upped the game internally to bring his country to a war-footing and stopped pussy footing around with the hardline muslim losers who have been running the kingdom for the last thousand years. It's about power and nobody in the Gulf cares anymore at all about the wisdom of the god as propounded by a bunch of vicious rabid old men.

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