Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I have long been a fan of the modern Saki, but his last column convinces me that he lost his mind after he left Asia.

He got just about every single thing wrong.
Unlike many of my conservative friends, I thought Merkel the lesser evil ("A deplorable vote for Angela Merkel," February 2017). Merkel is an American ally; whoever might replace her will be more eager to cut deals with Russia. Perhaps at some future date the Alternative für Deutschland might become part of a natural majority along with the Christian Democrats and Free Democrats, but it first needs to purge leaders like its Vice-Chairman Alexander Gauland, a Putin crony who thinks Americans are "a people thrown together at random without their own culture." There are some very good people in the second-tier leadership of the Alternative party, but they have their work cut out for them.
Amerika finally pulled out of Germany after occupying it for over half a century because it was just so damned ridiculously dangerous and Europeans, by and large, are as flagrantly incompetent as you can get in an era of nuclear bombs and ICBMs. No, read the sentence the way it was written. We left because the Cold War was over.

Angela Merkel, hardline commie ruler right out of East Germany is a "friend" of the United States? When did that happen? More importantly, who cares? Who wants a friend like that?

Somebody else wants to cut deals with Russia? For money?!!!  Call the DNC!!!!!

Spengler has room for doubt. What europeans have been saying for the last 20 years is now starting to drive policy and it is, once again, time for the old policy people who think they have a divine right to rule, to step aside. "They can't," people say, because without the Kaiser chaos will walk the streets.
As it happens, I think people have had enough of the "experts" and Ivy League rulers who know so much more than us.

Yeah, Europe is going to be faced with its perennial problem again in the near future. But if there is one group gauranteed to be able to hide a few million corpses, I'd say europe can. They got good at it the last time we turned our back on them and their little issues.


ruralcounsel said...

I'm no fan of Merkel, and agree about why we have ramped down in Europe. But frankly, the quote about "Americans are "a people thrown together at random without their own culture." " appears to be completely true at this stage of history. And with an immigration policy more akin to a game of pick-up-stiks or 52 Pickup, we're becoming more that way every day.

HMS Defiant said...

We are the single most unique culture on the planet and every place we go, we show it. I think Steve Stirling captured it in his book, "Conquistador". I think it captures random just about perfectly throughout.

Every other bit of the world was captured early by "family" and "nobility" and "aristocracy" and we kind of dumped it all in the trash as a society from the very beginning of our exploitation of North America. One may, if one wants, contrast with how the societies south of the Rio Grande developed even after San Martin and Bolivar.

Our culture totally enveloped and encompassed the rest but it abides.

HMS Defiant said...

by the by, that "most unique" was a bow to my favorite person who always finds that expression amusing.