Sunday, November 26, 2017


I sometimes visit a website that was on the blogroll of Lex. I went there just now and learned that the website of the man that first got me interested in blogging has been overtaken and that the link to has been hijacked and vanished. To be honest, I expected that to happen many years ago.

The weblink leads to some sort of gaming site, and finding it tonight reminds me to check those on my own blogroll who have left the building. I'm pretty sure I don't need to send my handful of readers to the equivalent of:

Ted Burge is famous for many of his insights but this one remains:

Still and all, it must have been a wrenching decision to let go.

Go with God, Lex.


Anonymous said...

I only read his blog on occasion, did not know him personally,but miss him nonetheless

HMS Defiant said...

Like many, I enjoyed his writing and he was a good person to have a beer with at the end of the day. He was far more complex than the usual. As you say, RIP.

Brig said...

I don't remember how I happened on to his blog, but I followed Lex from the beginning. Made my day to read his posts. I occasionally even got up the nerve to comment and no matter how poorly I commented he always responded with wit & wisdom. Thankfully I printed out Rhythms right after he finished it. To a man every guy I've shared it with (though none of them knew of Lex before hand) has become a fast fan. Sure hope the entire blog is published some day.

HMS Defiant said...

I don't recall how I found his blog either to be honest. Once I did, it took about 15 minutes to figure out this guy lived about a mile south of me and liked my favorite pub and we both worked on the same naval air station, admittedly, he worked on the main base for the 3 star and I worked out at one of the Outlying Fields down in Imperial Beach. We used to pass each other on I-5 on the way to work in the morning. You would have liked him. He was exactly what you would expect from his blog.

I'd be interested in a copy of your copy of Rhythms if you be kind enough to send it to me.

As I understand it, the blog itself is lost because nobody had the password to access the complete sql files which Lex used to wrestle with just about every month. Me? I leave well enough alone and wouldn't know an sql file if it bit me.

We went out to dinner with 2 authors I just happen to be related to and my intent with that was to convince Lex how easy it was to publish. They spent the next 3 hours talking about their honeymoon in France. It was kind of funny.

Brig said...

I would be more than happy to send you a hard copy, just email your address to me at:

Not sure if you are aware of it but there is a blog that has a lot of his posts on it.

HMS Defiant said...

Thanks. I left San Diego a few months before the crash and housesat for my sister while she was out of town for a year in Norway. As I came out my back door one day my neighbor was sitting in a chair in his backyard grading some papers and asked me if I was the Curtis in metroparkcentralis and I said, 'why yes, yes i am.' Turns out he was yet another one of Lex's readers and saw some of my comments and put us together.