Friday, January 4, 2019


I don't think anyone will ever nail this rotten bastard to his mast better than this guy at The place of Ace.

"So failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney took to the op-ed pages of the WaPo to lambaste President Trump's character, by which he means banging porn starlets and publishing mean tweets. Presumably, Romney doesn't do these awful things, which makes him, in his mind, morally superior to Donald Trump. But there's more to 'character' than this. For example, there's courage. There's commitment. There's leadership. There's not backing down, caving in to criticism, and sticking to a course of action when things get tough. To my knowlesge, none of these characteristics have ever been attributed to Mitt Romney. In fact, in recent years, Romney has turned out to be quite a weasely little Vichy Republican, kind of like Evan McMullin, but with not as much estrogen. Oh, and then he whines, quote, Trump's words and actions have caused dismay around the world, unquote. So why is that a bad thing? A lot of these guys, you *want* to have dismayed. I'm sure Robert E. Lee was "dismayed" by General Grant on more than one occasion. And no doubt the Soviets were "dismayed" by Ronald Reagan. That's what we call a feature, not a bug. If you're not pissing somebody off, you're not doing your job. Trump understand this. Mittens does not. There's speculation that this op-ed is Romney getting into position for the 2020 primaries. Which makes me wonder what Mitt's advisors are telling him, because I don't see any big groundswell of support for a Romney presidency. He'll find this out the hard way if he keeps up his weasel act. If he dares to put up a primary challenge in 2020, Trump is going to schlong him good and hard. Nobody likes a backstabbing coward."

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