Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Watched the last two episodes last night. It is powerful stuff.

Like a lot of our Navy I went to Spain a lot. It was home to Rota and the Naval Station there and if one went north it was home too to a USAF base outside of Madrid and another air base beyond that. I went to them all. I was always en route to or from the Middle East and Spain was a NATO partner that believed in the purpose of unity among nations unlike France. I really had no idea just how devastating the Civil War was and marveled at the Guardia at every intersection at Moron and Torrejon Air Bases and even in Rota in their horse blanket rejected uniforms. I used to ride the bus with them.

It's a wonderment that they lasted this long as a country and now I have a damned good idea of why Catalonia wants a divorce.

It's kind of interesting to me. As the Wall went down in Germany it pulled itself back together and damn the cost, and then of course it decided to damn the rest of Europe with its "let the Saracens in" policy but Czechoslovakia split, Yugoslavia split and the separatists everywhere else except, finally, Ireland, said let's split up because we hate you people a lot. Waiting for Belgium to split north and south because each of them hate each other and yet the policy has been, everywhere, to let in utter outsiders who hate Europeans to death and have nothing in common with them at all because, liberals, progressives.

When one looks at the historical films of the last century one sees European polities that no longer exist. Nowadays they resemble Rhodesia and South Africa and other 3rd world polities. There is no England, no France, no Spain, no Holland, no Scandinavia.

The new market talks about societies of trust. Well, that is gone now.


  1. I've been watching that series you recommended on the Spanish Civil War, extremely powerful stuff. I see parallels between then and now.

    I don't see Europe surviving much more of the current crop of left-wing politicians. Charles Martel must be spinning in his grave.

    1. I have a photo I'll share in a moment. The wife and I sailed to England on QM2 and it was all that I hoped. We got off at Portsmouth, flew to Scotland, trained to London and flew out on Virgin and it ws all very good.
      London is nothing at all like it was in 85 and I won't go to Paris again or France or Spain. As I used to say to family, if I want to ever go to the 3rd world, TJ is just over there and no thank you. It's a great pity all of western Europe turned into 3rd world.