Thursday, January 17, 2019


Whenever I find the snowflakes weighing me down I remember. It's probably not a bad thing to remember.

Every day my days are filled with the news of the "victims" of a society they hate and despise. Almost none of them have been to Africa or the Middle East or further south of the border than that taco joint down the street. They seem to feel oppressed because having left the bounds of society, it holds them in measureless contempt and they are angry about that.

They don't have a connection anymore to the past because nobody teaches it anymore. They are filled with the idea of speaking truth to power and have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. The White Rose would shame them into a silence forever and one well deserved; as would true association with the actual Samizdat. None of them have a clue about speaking truth to power.

The so-called precious speakers-to-reporters, naysayers of history, and confused-about-their-gender because-penis-or-no-penis - is too confusing to them and seems to have taken over the image of the tiny world of make believe they live in and has come to dominate political outrage in the United States. I'm tired of them.


  1. I, too, weary of the poorly educated demanding that we take them seriously.

  2. Yo, go read my reply to your comment at yesterday's Chant du Depart. I look forward to reading your answer.

    Paul L. Quandt