Friday, January 11, 2019


This brought a pause for reflection. It's what I do at night.

When I went to school and yes, long ago, it was only about reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, geology, chemistry, math, physics, chemistry again, more damned math, a lot more math, science, and maybe once, in the second grade we had something called sociology and my parents yanked me out of that school so fast I barely remember the stories the teacher read about a boy and his dragon.

Given how ignorant the current generation are, I'm sometimes tempted by the thought of going across the street, my street, and auditing just what the hell teachers are teaching youngsters these days. I had planned to do that long ago since I retired in 1945 and see what the teachers were passing off as knowledge to my daughter. Never got the chance dammit. Still and all, I'm 159 years old and figure I can check out what the teachers are teaching shortly before the cops show up and blow me away for being an adult male in a school......with children.

A long time ago an inspector told me a truthism. You get what you inspect. As far as I know, nobody is inspecting the classrooms. We just hear about them. My daughter is almost 16 and she was horrified when I told her that I had a form the school sent me inviting me to see her grades online. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she said,

I'm not actually concerned with her grades but the school she is in is Evergreen, Washington.

I think it was Jerry Pournelle that pointed me at some of the other works by the man that brought us Sherlock Holmes. I read them. They are good and all that remains of the West should probably read them.


  1. I've been told I'm obtuse. I used to confuse that with being rotund. Still, an explanation is in order. The title of this post refers to two of the other books written by Conan Doyle.. They are about John Chandos, a Knight and young Nigel Loring. It's been over 30 years since I read them but they were good reading for a young man. They are from out of time.

  2. I worked with a guy who'd attended Evergreen in the very late `80s when I was still in the Air Force. He'd hated it. He thought it had way too many Marxist profs and too many impressionable kids willing to lap it up. I've wondered what he'd make of the nonsense that has gone on there the last few years. I'd have enjoyed hearing one of his epic rants about that place again.

    1. I made a wee error in my post. She is still almost 16 but she attend the high school in Olympia which is where that heart of evil and darkness known Evergreen dwells and corrupts all that it comes in contact with. This evil place is not to be confused with Evergreen Air Museum in Oregon which is a wonderful place and latest home of the Spruce Goose a couple of Blackbirds and a thousand other cool planes and stuff.

  3. I have read his Round the Red Lamp. English doctors used to keep a red lamp in their front window, to identify the house as the dwelling place of a physician. That book is reminiscences of his days as a physician.