Friday, January 18, 2019


When your SO gets a little broken, every visit to the hospital, every visit from the home care staff asks, most deliberately, if they feel safe at home. Sitting there in the hospital room before surgery gives me the pip. Right there, by ritual, the nurses ask 2 or 3 times if they feel safe at home. With me sitting right there.

What I do, every single time, is get up and leave the room.

This picture kind of blew my mind. I took it in the hall restroom in a very good hospital in Latrobe while visiting a patient. It appears to be used.

At least two people felt that someone in their life was hurting them or a loved one.

This is in the public restroom for people VISITING the hospital.

Words fail me. This was the second knee replacement. We are going for walks again!!!!!


  1. Prayers for a quick and full recovery for your SO!

    1. Ah, you met her at Shakespeares years ago with Tuna and #1 son? She's good. Just gave her some tuna fish sandwich and she passed out. Ah, if only it was that way when we were young..... :)

      You know the hate me mob would just go berserk if they could see that. OTGH, Fuc9-em. It's been a while since i used the gripping hand.


    2. I remember her (and you of course) very well.