Thursday, January 3, 2019


I can't recall where I picked up the link to a fascinating series from Channel 4 on the Spanish Civil War starting from the beginning of the Republic to the end. I am currently watching the 4th video of 6 and have to say that I find it fascinating how society utterly broke down in Spain back in 1936. The Nationalist, Carlists, Falange and Monarchists won the war but they were every bit as fanatical in their zeal for killing anarchists, communists and republicans as those groups were fanatical in killing the nationalists, Carlists, Falange, catholic priests and nuns (19 bishops were killed during the 3 years of war).

I had never made a study of the Spanish Civil War since it offered almost nothing to my line of warfare other than the 'pirate subs' operating off the coast of Spain during the Civil War. As I watch the videos it hard to believe that the part time militias fighting for the republican side could stave off any kind of real army for year after year. The militias would board trucks, drive to the front, shoot until the sun went down and then drive back to town and spend the night in their beds. What a strange war.

Those interested can see the series at Spanish Civil War.

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  1. Watched the first two episodes just now. An excellent series. Thanks for the tip Cap'n!