Sunday, January 20, 2019


From back when I ran guns. As I watch the various laws change I sit back amused. Nothing I did was in any way wrong or violated the law. I wasn't selling them. The rifles were a legacy and being handed along, as they are. Still, when we spent the night at a couple of BOQs on the way south it felt weird smuggling rifles into various army and air force posts and stations. They would not have been amused if they found them.

I still laugh out loud when I recalll the story that broke about that master chief E-9 who was busted coming onto Long Beach Naval Station with a loaded pistol and was heard to exclaim that he didn't know it was against the law to bring weapons to a naval station... Yea, it was rule back then. Yeh, I was working at NAVSTA Long Beach at the time and about 100 feet from that gate.

Kind of silly when you think about it.

Still the best was when I was helping a friend get his brother's car onto NASNI so when his brother landed his drug hunting plane, his car would be there while his brother had to be elsewhere. The gun detector dog at the gate went nuts as I drove the car up to the gate. I was looking down the barrels of several guns when my friend got out of the car behind me with his federal badge and got behind the wheel of the car in doggy question and drove it on the base waving his badge and then walked back out to drive his car on the base with the doggies barking their heads off. All was OK, because the little metal badge said so.

It was quite a talkative badge.


  1. the little gold colored talkative badge...never leave home without it...

    1. We still have a couple of them here.

      They are not mine.

      While I'm willing to walk and trade on my authority, I will not on his.