Friday, January 18, 2019


I was amused by the trade in insults initiated by Speaker Pelosi. She really does think she is Speaker to Animals and she showed her contempt write away (yeah, I know) by telling the President that it was too dangerous for him to address her little lions den of outrage and vd and sex perverts and well, the list is endless. He, she said, needed to put off an oral State of the Union to Congress and maybe he could write a letter instead. She thought she was dealing with a Bush and the muffins they surrounded themselves with for staff.

President Trump was amused.

There is nothing wrong about her letter and if you read the articles of the actual Constitution it was about all that was ever expected of the President. You know, just send a letter once a year telling us how you see our nation our shared patrimony doing. You could think, no harm, no foul. You'd be a Bush if you did.

I savored his reply 24 hours later. Also a letter. I wonder if they use stamps. I understand the price has gone up again.

I suspect Pelosi is about to find out that President Trump doesn't fuck around. Her free trips back to her California home on USAF special mission jets probably expired at the same time. It was struggle she won against the Bush squishes in 2007 but I think if she wants/expects/needs a military plane to fly her home for free every weekend all that will be available will be clapped out old P-3 propeller driven maritime patrol planes.

Having driven a spike into government relations almost exactly as misplaced and stupid as Senator Reid using his power to end the 60 vote requirement for federal judges, Pelosi just hammered home a new idiocy that all of the House of Representatives will be forced to live with for decades.

BZ Mr. Trump.


  1. Yep. I know for a fact that a C-117 could be made available. I am picturing her bony ass slung in a canvas seat for the eighteen hours it would take to get from andrews to travis. along with a smelly old butt can for a crapper in flight.
    I wonder if the airlines will take a government promissory note for her first class ticket?

    1. comfort pallet. I'd love to see it.

    2. I've heard it said that palosi declared she "she would take it to the streets" and that trump told her she would have the advantage of of the experience of having walked the streets before.

  2. P-3 Orions are honorable aircraft. I doubt you could find one willing to carry her.

  3. They joined both the C-130 and C-141 as absolute uncrashables in my former life until they did. I was on the beach in SOCAL networked with two P-3 that merged when doing the handover. We had a radio link. And then the other guys let me down.

    I sometimes wonder, how much is left of the aluminum highway. They probably scavanged all of the aluminum but I wonder if they took care of our war dead in the CBI mountains.