Friday, October 13, 2023


From the 'better and smarter than you' US Space Force comes this wunderbar new idea for making a fresh never before repeated for the 10,000th time, disaster. Yes indeed comrades, our Space Force is gungho to partner with our existing allies "to jointly architect systems and build capabilities together to avoid duplication and ensure interoperability.”

You know what makes a $40 million dollar satellite into a $2.7 billion dollar satellite delivered 15 years late and only partially mission capable? Make it joint and interoperable. What this idiot proposes and obviously the Space Force concurs with is to spread around our high tech and specs to all comers and invite them to be part of the process for designing and fielding our satellites and you have to wonder what the NRO and NSA think about that kind of insanity.

The NSA is unable to keep its own people and its very own contractors from stealing every secret they have access to and shopping it to our enemies or simply giving it away to all comers. How does the Space Force propose to vet who gets clearance to work on Top Secret Code Word satellite work that covers the full range of COMINT, SIGINT, MASINT plus little things like detailed descriptions of communications and all other subsystems?

The 5 Eyes countries have only the most restricted access to our intelligence. I don't believe we've gone into the business of discussing with them how we get it, analyze it and correlate it. 

Do these idiots remember that Turkey was on the distribution list for F-35s but then got thrown out of the program because it started buying Russian air defense systems? Turkey is a NATO ally but I wouldn't share routine State Department cables with them and only an idiot would think that anything of interest to ISIS, Iran, Iraq or Russia doesn't immediately find its way to them via "trusted agents" in the Turkish government and armed forces.

I'm scratching my head wondering just who these idiots think will make a positive contribution to the design, development, construction and deployment of satellites built to defend this country.


Dan said...

I'd say we need legislation prohibiting the sharing of al most ALL hi tech data with other countries with the possible exception of England and Japan. And I'm not sure about England anymore.

Matthew W said...

Turkey was never our friend and never will be.

HMS Defiant said...

Anybody with a brain saw that when post 911 they point blank refused to let the 4th ID enter Turkey and deploy to invade Iraq or at least pose the threat of such.

Anonymous said...

I used to work in computer software. I remember many a tech support bridge call with American DOD IT officers on the phone (our customers), who would demand that the software code writers be available for the conversation. They would always start out by asking if everyone on the call was an American citizen, Answers were always in the affirmative, despite the responders being mere green card holders from India and elsewhere. I would just shake my head silently. No great secrets were at stake, but policy is made by people who don't live in the real world.

Anonymous said...

I thought we already had international agreement about design of docking mechanics of spacecraft. What further could possibly be necessary?