Tuesday, October 3, 2023


 The idiot governor of a state with 40,000,000 people in it could not find even one qualified person to stuff into Feinstein’s job in the Senate and had to crawl all the way to Maryland to find a black lesbian to take her natural place in the Senate. Truly desperate times. This is another one of those absurd unbelievable things about California. You know, right up with tossing out the Speaker of the House, another California loser on the same day….


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the person appointed to the position have to meet the same residency requirements as anyone standing for election to that position?

Anonymous said...

I certainly think so but we live in a banana republic so it doesn’t matter anymore.

Dan said...

Any legislation this commie c**t votes on should face legal challenge due to her ineligibility for office.