Friday, September 29, 2023


 So, the burning question now is, will she run for re-election and win fairly or will Newsom and the Swamp compel the Kamal to assume the honors and dignity of the office of the junior senator from California and clear the deck for Biden to appoint Newsom as Vice President before tripping and eviscerating himself on a sharpened ice cream cone? It’s going to be a hard sell since the new job doesn’t come with a house, she no longer gets to vote to control in the Senate and she hasn’t stolen enough or gotten enough lucrative bribes to be able to afford a nice house. On the other hand, the Obamas have a house they don’t use much that they could nobly offer to the new light worker.

It’s waiting with bated breath we are for the democratic process to run its predetermined course. Once again Americans rush to the polls to vote for their elected Senator and vice president. We really do live in a banana republic.


elysianfield said...

Feinstein dead? How can you tell?

Anonymous said...

It was announced today she will still run for re-election and is expected to achieve an overwhelming victory.

Anonymous said...