Monday, September 18, 2023


 Every time I see or hear Joe Biden our p'resident I think of what he reminds me of and he is not the only one that brings that old story to life every time. It's the same with Pelosi, Feinstein, McConnell, Fetterman and Kamala Harris. At one time these dullards must have been really sharp and on the ball since they clearly conned an awful lot of people into believing that they were way sharper and more intelligent then they are now.

On the gripping hand, we kind of know exactly how Harris got her start in politics and it clearly shows any time you put her in a room with anyone smarter than a 4 year old.

It is available to read online


RHT447 said...

The movie.

As to those politicians, certainly they conned some, but I suspect mostly they were for sale (both sides).

Anonymous said...

Nope. Biden was known among all his colleagues as a dim bulb. A Congressman's son told me his father said the same thing about Nazi Piglosi 30 years ago.
--Tennessee Budd