Wednesday, September 6, 2023


 I see that some clever jackass has decided to express its ire at Target clothing and set the clothes on fire. It's as if shoplifting the retail stores to death isn't enough and now people who don't like something feel free to simply set it on fire. I don't know how retail stores can survive this but I think we are going to see a return to the pre-Piggly Wiggly era of shopping. You go to the bullet proof counter in the bullet proof vestibule with your shopping list and hand it to the clerk who fills your food order and brings it back to the counter where you pay, probably in cash, for your goods and then they shove them through the bullet proof bin and you fill your own shopping bags and head out.

I remember back when I was getting my visa to head off to France in 1989 I had to hit their consulate up in LA. It was about the time that the shops on Rodeo Drive had posted notices that they were "only open by appointment' and kept their doors locked in order to keep out all the smash and grab artistes of that era.

It's interesting to me because the thug society created deserts out of their own neighborhoods during the great riots of the 70s and then did the same thing with the Rodney King riots and then the same thing with Saint Floyd riots and now they have thieved to death their local supermarkets forcing them all to go a bit further abroad to satisfy their thieving and food cravings.

It does make you wonder though how much longer a civilization that obeys no law can survive. They will no doubt end up stealing library books and then burning the libraries down for not supplying enough entertainment for nothing.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

The Left believes, for some reason, that they can bring down civilization, and the thugs that brought it down, will turn to the Left, and happily follow them, where the Left leads them.

A curious belief system.

HMS Defiant said...

It certainly is. I really didn't understand what low-information voters were until I started watching TV news and listening to NPR and PBS.