Tuesday, September 26, 2023


 Long before the Germans came knocking on Ukraine's steppe the Russian commissars poured through the land and took every scrap of food they could find and shipped it back to Russia. Over 6 million Ukrainians were starved to death by the Russians. When the Germans came and it was clear that they meant to invade Russia and topple Stalin and all his works it is not unnatural that they found many like minded Ukrainians. The same thing happened all along the Soviet frontier as Eastern Europeans found it convenient to tear off a piece of Russia given how much Russians had torn away from them. It also happened in the north where the Finns didn't hesitate to side with the Germans in the Continuation War. Like Eastern Europe, it cost them dearly after the war.

The nonsense about recognizing a Ukrainian man for fighting the Soviet Union in World War II with the only means he had and now holding him up as some kind of nazi is not remotely humorous. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The Soviet Union made themselves the enemy of man and God.

It may be better to remember all of the past and not just cherry pick the parts we like. Some wars and enemies need to be fought and the weaker side cannot always be choosy about the means used to do it.


Dan said...

There are no good guys in the current conflict but the Russians do have a much longer, nastier and bloodier history of abusing their neighbors than Ukraine.

Michael said...

LOL Dan, please tell me more about your research about this.

There are NO Plaster Saints in War. Plenty of American DNA scattered wildly in Europe and post war Germany where starvation was so bad a mother would sell herself for a can of SPAM to feed her now orphaned kids.

Anonymous said...

That being the problem with appeals to the historic record. You go back far enough and there it is, a flat out contradiction to one's deeply held beliefs. That is perhaps why the West no longer studies history or tolerates it.