Friday, September 29, 2023


 Imagine a world today where Hitler did not declare war on the United States 4 days after the attack at Pearl Harbor and where the United States alone had to face off against the Empire of Japan and wage a war but only in the Pacific. I think that war might have been ended much sooner and before we got around to building atomic weapons but how would Europe have gotten along without the entry of the United States and its Germany is the first order of business which put fighting Japan on the back burner of policy and war?

I doubt Mussolini would have declared war on the United States if Hitler did not and I doubt England would have survived another 6 months without the United States shifting to full war production and entering the war beside them. That would have been difficult to do without some fancy Washington double talk about the need to destroy all the "bad guys". 

If England fell there would be no possibility of any kind of Normandy invasion and things might have gone to the nuclear dickens much later in the 1950s.  Hitler short circuited an atomic war in Europe because of the completely insane advice he was given and acted on when he declared war on the United States on 11 December. On that note I cannot help but notice that Biden has decided to furnish long-range precision ATACMS to Ukraine so they can strike targets deep in Russia directly with American furnished long range missiles. 

And you thought Hitler was crazy....

I've heard that Putin and his Foreign Minister offered the Tyrant of North Korea some help building and fielding inter-continental ballistic missiles, a little feat that the Norks have been having some trouble with. I wonder if they'll figure out fractional orbital bombardment.

You really gotta hand it to those State Department cretins we have running things alongside their fellow Harvard alums in the CIA. You can't get a shinier stupider bunch of nuclear war planners and profiteers if you tried.


Anonymous said...

Imagine if Poland wasn't ethnically cleansing (killing) ethnic Germans who found themselves living within Polish Borders after WWI (in which no Allied soldier stepped within German lands).

Or imagine if the United States hadn't used Gun Boat Diplomacy and forced Feudal Japan to open up for trade to the World?

Or if the Germans in WWI hadn't been so incredibly inept with their diplomacy and not approached Mexico with the idea that Mexico invades the United States?

I'm still wondering why the War Mongers in the U.S. are clamoring for a war with China and Russia. Russia being a nation that supported the US in the War for Independence and China who has zero ability to exert military force anywhere near CONUS other than nukes. Neither China nor Russia desire war with the US

Michael said...

Imagine you're on the tilting deck of the Titanic and the band is shuffling their sheet music for the next song.

Imagine living in hyperinflation where when you order your second cup of coffee the price increased by half.

Imagine your middle-class family savings for a little vacation cabin now so worthless that you can barely buy a pair of work boots (Weimer Germany)

Most history is the grand scheme not the real life day to day events.

boron said...

"Imagine your middle-class family savings for a little vacation cabin now so worthless that you can barely buy a pair of work boots (Weime/ar Germany)"
And those of us who put aside as much as we possibly could for our retirement: what now?
I don't have to "imagine" it under today's Bidenomics.
BTW: when did we declare war against Russia?

Dan said...

I doubt it would have made much difference whether there was a formal declaration of war between the US and the Axis powers. We were pretty much at war with them before December 7 in the Atlantic.
If we hadn't prioritized Europe over the Pacific that theatre might have been finished a bit earlier without needing to use the "bomb" but the US would have still gone ahead and taken the Manhattan project to it's logical conclusion as we believed that Germany was also working on the "bomb" and probably Japan and Russia also. Once Hitler invaded Poland and the war started it wasn't a matter of it the US got involved...just when and under what circumstances.