Saturday, September 16, 2023


 We all now know that the entire intelligence community does nothing but lie about everything and when that fails they just lie some more. It was one thing for the people who ran the FBI, DIA, CIA and NSA to lie about whether or not Hunter Biden's laptop was, in fact, Hunter Biden's laptop but its an entirely different matter when they spent 20 years lying to the top echelons of military and government about every single aspect of our war to displace and root out the Taliban and to contain ISIS and the entire state of the Russian Federation.

Quite literally everything they reported or said was a lie. The FBI never stopped lying about the entirely bogus and fake Russian dossier they alleged was about President Trump being some sort of Russian agent. They still believe it, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

The CIA got the fall of the Soviet Union wrong for almost the entire Cold War and did the same about China and are STILL DOING IT.

The liars at every level in the Intelligence Community lie about Russia running out of men and war materials even as any honest observer can see that Russia's economy is booming and they have both men and war material coming out their ears. The IC wants you to believe that the Russians cannot go on the offensive to capture Kiev because they lack the means and the will but that's the sort of thing only a total idiot would say. Ukrainians are dying like flies attacking fixed layered Russian defenses maintained on the borders (roughly) of the Russian occupied lands formerly part of Ukraine and before that, part of Russia. The Russians have every bit as much need to take Kiev as we did to take Baghdad during DESERT STORM. There was no need to take it.

We are spending trillions on the intelligence community and they are so inept and useless that they could not pin down the source of the Wuhan flu. There are 4 star generals roaming around telling the world that Russia is on the point of objective military defeat by a country that seriously believes 15 more tanks will make some sort of difference in a counter-offensive that never so much as made a spoiling attack in battalion size or greater, much less launched a counter-offensive that if you are honest, would reflect in size, scale and effort, the Russian's initial attack and attempted coup de main at the outset of the conflict.

So if the Intel Community is such a lying bunch of useless idiots, why do we keep funding them? Well, it used to be said that J. Edgar Hoover had the dirt on enough dirty Senators and Congressmen that they dared not provoke him into untimely disclosures. I tend to believe that. 

When you think back to the Manchurian Candidate and the like, you don't really have to wonder too much how low grade morons and brain damaged idiots keep getting 'elected' to power and how people like them keep getting reelected year after year.

Remember how the unknown Chicago thug Obama was heading for defeat until somehow Jack Ryan's sealed divorce papers were suddenly and mysteriously made public by an LA judge?

So they are the Sword of Damocles. Who is going to force them to use it?

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