Thursday, September 7, 2023


 I have to admit, Clay Travis writes a really great Obituary for ESPN and cable. You should hustle over to read it if you haven't already run across it today. It reads very much like the post analysis writeups for wars and battles and it also sends a mixed feeling my way. I was never that in to the sports I wasn't playing or participating in and the only time I really watched was back when I shared my office in Bahrain with the resident SEAL and the EOD guy who were both sports fanatics.

Well, not me but the writing is now on the wall for the others to see. The final nail in the coffin bores right in to the truth of things.

Every day it seems we wake up in a world made new.


Dan said...

It's only a problem for those addicted to watching sports. Make it too expensive to watch and rational people will stop paying the price. Then everybody involved with those sports loses money....except the spectator. It seems like a matter of greed. The purveyors of sports are getting so greedy they are about to kill the golden goose. And they are too stupid to grasp that fact.

Matthew W said...

So sad, too bad !!!
Man, I remember when ESPN was 90% Australian rules football and billiards !!!

Tsquared said...

Last weekend and this Saturday are prime examples of their ineptitude. Last week the #1 ranked NCAAF team was behind a subscription service to see the game. This week the #4 team has 3 channels devoted to their game.

IMO the schools need to take over their own production of their games. Most have programs in broadcast technologies. Senior classes and master classes would cover all sports. They need to broadcast statewide educational networks and PPV stream online.