Wednesday, September 27, 2023


 Evidently racism has gotten so darned smart and tricky that Institutes of Anti-racism have to be set up and fully funded by corporate morons in order to anti-something to death. It does beg the question though, how can you be "anti-racist" without, you know, being racist? I suppose those clever dicks in liberal universities are filled with quaint notions about racism that would, to those of us who are ignorant and uninformed, appear to be ignorant and ill-informed. I doubt we're wrong.

From my reading today it appears that the bloom may finally be falling off global warming, netzero idiocy and the other things that defy belief and can only have been accepted on blind and stupid faith in our 'elites'. We should come up with something really awful for those guys.

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Tsquare said...

I have been quick to throw my Ute Nation card the past few decades. I am 1/16th Colorado Ute. I look as white bread as they come because the rest of my heritage is Scottish, English, and French. Back when I was in college I got $900 a quarter from the nation which covered tuition and books. I also had the GIBill so I was making money going to college. I have thrown the Ute card at every job interview. I am sure it got me hired a couple of times.