Friday, February 16, 2018


We can't help but notice that the Olympics shown on NBC seem to be fueled by nothing but drug ads and horrible subway ads. I confess that I have never understood why drug companies advertise their product on TV and it was only after I turned 45 or so that I realized that there really are people who see their doctors and suggest courses of drug treatment to the doctor. My grandfather and uncles (MDs) would have laughed you out of their sight if you proposed a drug to them.

Admittedly, my grandfather had every single sample medicine he'd ever received in the enormous cabinets in his bathroom and I got a rush throwing away old LSD25 which was once a drug one could prescribe here in America. There were countless others and I feel bad about all the fish downstream that day.

I used to see my uncles when they came out to my neck of the woods for conferences hosted by all the drug companies. They'd be put up at the del Coronado and the samples and loot on display were breathtaking. I understand that they aren't really allowed to do that anymore.

After reading the link I thought it would be nice if the drug companies did a bit more to police their own ranks. Where a drug company decides to up the price of an OTC medicine in a slightly different format by over 5000% in the space of a few years, another company should step in and cut the legs out from under it.

Gouging isn't allowed in the Olympics and it shouldn't be permitted in the sale of pharmaceuticals in America. On the gripping hand, teachers unions do it, police and fire unions do it, public employee unions do it.


tsquared said...

What would be a good idea is if Kia could get Chloe Kim to be the front for their cars. Put her in front of one of their cars at the Kia plant in West Point GA. Have her say something like "my parents are from Korea just like my Kia. We are both fist generation Americans"

HMS Defiant said...

That would probably sell a lot of Kias. I used to rent the high end Kias when I was in Korea for business. They make some really outstanding cars....and skiers.