Saturday, February 3, 2018


There isn't a meme yet that I know of but then I haven't looked. It is kind of interesting to watch the media unable to help itself at all as it skids into dung heap after dung heap while doing their very best to imply that "what the memo is saying is......" Or, so, there is nothing to see here it's just another nothing burger like Benghazi....."

It's like not one single one of democrats took half an hour to watch the Cathy Newman Channel 4 defenestration of Jordan Peterson. Like Newman, who blathered stupidly and inanely in response to Peterson, every one of the so-called media pundits poo poos the memo as meaningless and signifying nothing and restates it to show that it is very clear, from the memo, that aliens did not land and take over Hillary Clinton's brain and the little people must protect the FBI because, other than the reprobates, child molesters, rapists and villains, they are really very very good at setting up people and sending them to jail even if it means jiggering the FBI Crime Lab for decades and so we should let them get on with the job they were elected appointed by Obama to do.

The memo was as detailed as one can get at the merely TOP SECRET/NOFORN level. To go any deeper would require sacrificing virgins in moonlight on Super Tuesday.

No, the memo won't change anybody's mind about the nature of the attack on our democracy. Americans know it for what it is and so do the enemies of America who persist in thinking there is nothing wrong with using every organ of the State to destroy their enemies at any cost. I'm just kind of surprised that the idiots on the left don't see the optics for what they are. To quote others, this is exactly how we got Trump.

Keep up the good work democrats. We won't get 4 more years of Trump without your every effort bent to the task of reelecting a man who shows every single day that he is about 20 times smarter than all of you put together.

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