Saturday, February 24, 2018


McCabe is gone now but I enjoy this January encomium of Holder's total support for a scumbag we all wish we could wash in the Potomac down there at the mouth of the Chesapeake where the Bull sharks roam wild and free.

I get a kick out of this report from the daily mail
Former Attorney General Eric Holder came to McCabe's defense Monday afternoon. 
'FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is, and has been, a dedicated public servant who has served this country well. Bogus attacks on the FBI and DOJ to distract attention from a legitimate criminal inquiry does long term, unnecessary damage to these foundations of our government,' Holder wrote on Twitter.
With "friends" like Holder, one doesn't really need enemies. Holder is, of course, the Attorney General held in Contempt-of-Congress for refusing to testify about an investigation.

I wonder what happened to the legitimate criminal inquiry into Hillary Clinton who, manifestly and obviously violated espionage laws along with all those who shared classified information on her private little unclassified and illegal mail server. Way too many people have gone to jail, some for decades, for violating the same espionage law.

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