Tuesday, February 6, 2018


From the video, it looks like democrats in Congress probably stand for nothing good. As you watch the video consider a couple of things.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz hired a bunch of Pakistanis to run the democratic party computer systems including those of various congressmen and senators who happen to be democratic lawmakers. The Pakistanis turned out to be hackers of the first water and downloaded every single file, every email, and everything that was on those democratic controlled computers is now safe in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia and being used for some ulterior purpose.

Look at Pelosi turn in her seat to look behind her to make sure that no democratic legislator was wavering on the commitment to refuse to stand for America.

The people actually running the FBI, NSA, CIA, IRS don't work for you and me. They don't work for the party leader. They work for the Deep State of unelected bureaucrats who mean to maintain a system that gives them power and influence and wealth by controlling the government's inner/secret workings and holding the levers of power that influence the kind of scum like Anthony Weiner that can't keep quiet on their depravities and put them into words, texts and pictures on their office computers where it isn't just those Pakistanis hired by the DNC, but also the intelligence agencies who now own all that inflammatory and dangerous data and material.

Do you suppose they have some secret power over the democrats?

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