Saturday, February 24, 2018


 It just happened.

A VW Bus and California. They went together like nothing else in the world. It was the last vehicle I owned that I could repair with the tools I owned. I commuted between the Bay Area and San Diego for 5 years along the Coast Highway and Big Sur in an orange VW bus with a red door.


Brig said...

It's sad that we can't repair our own vehicles any more, and that most people have no idea how to change a tire.
Orange with a red door... sounds like margarita machine.

HMS Defiant said...

It was very nice. It usually had my laser on top and my sailing gear in the back but I bought it with all the back seats ripped out and equipped it with a nice black leather arm chair behind the drivers seat facing starboard. I used to park, open the moonroof all the way and the starboard side door and just read by the ocean. San Francisco used to be a very nice town for reading by the sea. It was also handy when I would visit La Jolla cove.
I didn't actually start drinking margaritas until I got hired by SAIC and worked in Old Town. I miss those days.

Sarthurk said...

I got a '90 Vanagon Westfalia I'm supposed to sell, yet it sits in my garage. My wife thinks it's a hopeless case. For some reason I bought my dads Dodge ram monster truck with a huge camper on it, so that's why the Westy must go. Money pit's both. The motorcycle notwithstanding. I'm getting too old for this. Can't somebody just take me flyfishing?

HMS Defiant said...

I bought the '76. Wouldn't you know it, the '77 came with hydrualic lifters and I would not have to run the rack every 3000 miles if I just waited a year. TMI, it sucks. I was working on my bus at Alameda NAS when a guy pulled his vanagon in next to me, dropped the engine and put a bolt back in and was back underway in 30 minutes. I hated that guy. A lot.