Wednesday, February 7, 2018


The folks at hot mic report that Congress has forwarded the democrats memo on the sleazy and criminal FBI behavior to the White House. They report that it is larded with all kinds of "classified" information that will have to be redacted which will enable the democrats to gleefully shriek about withholding and sacred cows and other dust fairies.

I disagree. What, at this point, could possibly be a protected source or method used by the FBI and NSA to spy on real Americans that hasn't already been freely published by worldwide media who reaped the harvest laid out by Snowden and fulfilled by Assange? I'm sorry buddy, all your sources and methods of collecting elint have been laid bare to the public.

I think President Trump is likely to simply note that under Obama and Clinton the largest massive breach of national security information already compromised those sources and methods and he will simply sign off on releasing the whole democratic memo.

We'll see.

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