Thursday, February 22, 2018


We are fortunate in our enemy's idiotic hard floor on basic acceptable socialist thought. Other countries have had socialists that went beyond the bomb and embraced actual weapons. Ours do not share that philosophic bent and any American socialist who bought a gun is automatically presumed by the rest of that culture to have stepped beyond the pale. It's not that they turn their back on such killers as they totally and wrathfully denounce the gun used in the commission of direct action socialism.

Thank God for small favors. The left here has almost reached the end point of defining anybody who doesn't agree with them as unhuman or subhuman. We know how that turns out when they arm themselves with guns and decide to rid their world of disagreement and subhumans. It will be time for concern when the left here in America actually starts to encourage ownership of fire arms. H/T Ace of Spades food for thought.

The guys with the rifles were all socialists

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