Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Some months ago the Trumps asked the Guggenheim art dump in New York if they could borrow a Van Gogh and hang it in the White House. The cheesy dumpling running the Guggenheim responded in the only way a liberal truly knows how to respond to upstart bumpkins from New York City and offered this liberal insult.

I'm nearly certain President Trump laughed when he got her snarky note and thought that perhaps that much smug deserved a kick in the teeth.

The intergalactic arts nobbling councils are agog with dismay as President Trump slashes the budget for arts nobbling to zero. They were heard to squawk amidst all the fury and this is what made it out of npr.

You'd think from the screaming that all the art came out of just the U.S. budget for arts. and yet they point out that it is a $730 billion industry. Perhaps they can pay for it from smelting down their golden toilets or soaking the rich. I find it delightfully amusing and the way the dumplings thought they could just get away forever with mocking the President is just too funny for words.

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