Saturday, February 17, 2018


Survivors of the latest school shooting call for tougher laws on murder and suggest we just cull anybody who murders any other human. They are torn by dissension as they weigh certain aspects of their new found belief in the sanctity of human life and find it wanting.

[No they don't. As usual they think the gun is the problem]

I see the cops have finally showed up at the house the killer lived in there at the end before he was kicked out by the owner because the owner made it clear that he could stay but not the gun. The cops have hauled off the younger brother and stuffed him into a mental health unit to undergo treatment or analysis or whatever makes them feel good about utterly failing to do anything at all at any of the previous 39 times they were called out to the killer's abode.

If this counts as a macro-aggression, surely some counseling along the lines proposed for every damned micro-aggression would solve the problem, right? Therapy cures everything bad or so I'm informed by the liberal media who also seem to believe unreservedly in pay discrimination, sexual abuse, gender confusion and gun control.

I'm not quite to the point where the democrats are who are actively looking for better voters/better Americans, but I'm getting closer. I'll bet $5 that not one of those kids have ever even heard of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights under which this country has prevailed for so long. Maybe if they were ever taught that they were accountable for their actions and not the doctors who failed to prescribe the right sedatives.... Perhaps we need a special emphasis with its own bus for civics. A simple easy course; learn American civics and government or we throw you under the bus.

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