Monday, February 19, 2018


I don't understand what either Russia or Trump would have gotten out of the non-crime of colluding. What benefit was either to reap from colluding with the other? Has anyone seen any benefit to either party in such a perfectly legal collusion even if we don't know what it was? What did they collude about? Was it as bad as Hillary and the DNC burying Bernie in a fake primary that Hillary could not lose?

If you pay for something you expect to get something in return. That said, who paid in the BS Trumpgate nonsense? Did Russia pay Trump? Did Trump pay Russia? Was there some sort of quid pro quo? If Putin was involved, what did he get out of it? He already got our uranium from Hillary and the DNC.

I've never seen any discussion of the why behind the allegation of collusion. Why collude at all?

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