Tuesday, February 6, 2018


I read this intriguing article at Misrule of Law and it is worth a couple of seconds of your reading time and perhaps some reflection about the downstream effects of leaving education at any level in the hands of people who despise American values. We have already seen its effects on our education system from primary school all the way through college but finding it at almost all of our law schools is a little bothersome.
Sadly, legal academia has become a Fever Swamp of leftist ideology, in which Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (formerly a professor at Harvard Law) would qualify as a centrist among the increasingly wacky professoriate. Imagine the typical humanities faculty at a liberal arts college, only far worse.
What happened? Several things intersected in recent decades.  Affirmative action in faculty hiring, the triumph of identity politics, the decline of “formalism” in legal theory, the general leftward–and insular elitist–drift of the entire legal culture (including law firms, bar associations, and the judiciary), and the capture of law faculties by committed leftist ideologues as part of the “long march though the institutions,” which has been a stunning success for the Left. Take a look at the highly-politicized nature of student-edited legal periodicals that elite law schools sponsor (which, fortunately, few people actually read), or even the contents of the schools’ flagship law reviews, and you will see a caricature of progressive politics masquerading as legal scholarship. The same is true for course titles, clinical programs, and academic centers, which often emphasize social justice issues such as immigration, “mass incarceration,” and opposition to the death penalty over nuts-and-bolts legal experience that would make graduates  useful to paying clients.
What does this portend? The Wax-Alexander episode is troubling for many reasons, not the least of which is that it shows that America’s elite law schools exist in a bubble, and that the gulf between the self-styled mandarins in the academy and the unwashed masses they disdain is growing. Worse, tomorrow’s lawyers (who will become civic leaders, elected officials, and judges) are being taught by a cadre of intellectuals who despise the values that made America great.
Evan as the intelligence agencies in the US conspired to subvert the election and worked to jam innocent people into jail using fake evidence, the law schools are turning out 'woke' lawyers who, like Hillary Clinton, despise American values which leads to judges of the same mind who have thrown themselves body and soul into overturning by judicial fiat the will of the people. 

I saw this happen again and again in California where no winning referendum that flew in the face of the ideology of progressives and tyranny was upheld by the courts. Later, they weren't even upheld by the State Attorney General who refused to even bother going to court to fight to uphold a popular referendum that had received the majority of the vote.

When Obama declared that elections have consequences he was almost right and shadowing the new truth. The election has consequence until the tyrants can stuff the courts with enough petty tyrants to throw out the election results whenever progressives fail to win in the polls. That's what happens again and again and it can only get worse when more and more despicable trash lawyers take their place on the court and in offices of attorneys general throughout the land and at the federal level.

There really is only one last resort to unbridled tyranny by a government and the people involved in the war on America almost seem to want to have the nation go there.

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