Friday, November 15, 2013


The fits and conniptions of the various big fish attempting to explain that it was all just a mistake and it will be fixed now and we'll let you keep having what you had before we broke it and took it away from you is really wonderful to watch. To hear the flounder party talk you have to marvel at the intellects that elected these morons to high office. They said they were going to add coverage for 40 million people that had no existing coverage, that you could keep your existing plan and that it would not only not cost any more money, it would save money. And the good flounder of the flounder people's party believed them and voted for them again and again.

Watch the entire 2 minute clip because it captures the very essence of what just happened with health care in America. Just as the car was before the flounder got it, health care in America was a thing of beauty and the envy of the world. Flounder got it and trusted his party friends to take care of it and they ruined it. The quick thinking response is almost identical to what the flounder-in-charge just proposed yesterday and the insurance company is going to take a bath. Priceless!

Smart people know perfectly well that you cannot keep what you have, pay less and add 40 million more people to the program without losing what you had and paying a great deal more for less. So the insurance companies that were the target of the flounder have made the adjustments necessary to comply with the law that the Big Fish-in-charge says he is now going to tell his commissars to ignore for another year or so and also to ignore enforcing it on any of his friends. He also told commissars and lawmen not to put business to the torture this year but to make the fires hotter for next year when it will kick in on his new adjusted schedule. But that means that the Big Fish is telling people to just ignore the law.

I'm OK with that. The law aint what it used to be anyway. 

You folks that have employer provided health insurance, you think it will be different next year?

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