Friday, November 22, 2013


One cannot listen to NPR in the 21st century without the air being polluted by their talk of toxic politics in Washington. They have guest after guest on who heaps criticism and spews hatred of Republicans for creating, operating and maintaining a toxic political atmosphere that keeps the good people of the People's Democratic Party from enacting more Constitution gutting legislation that takes away your rights and gives them all to bureaucrats. I'm heartily sick of it.

The underlying presumption of the pseudo-intellectuals at NPR is that government is about compromise and that all must compromise in order to achieve what the majority want. Maybe that's what it is to them. They, for instance, are enthusiastic supporters of Venezuala's king, dictator-for-life, tyrant president who has compromised with his opposition by looting them of all they have in the name of the people. You see the same thing in Argentina, Mozambique, South Africa, most of Europe and of course, right here. Some drank the acid of Marxism and others slurped up the idiocy of Keynesian economics and transformed it in vile ways and never a peep of complaint from the neo-falangists at NPR.

I'll throw in some analogies. Take them for what you will. How exactly was it beneficial for the States and Congress to compromise for so many decades on the issue of slavery? Those who opposed slavery did so out of sincere belief and those that favored slavery also acted out of sincere belief. We had from them the Missouri Compromise of 1820. Do you feel repulsed by that or should the nation have torn itself apart over States Rights in 1820?

The lowly state of weapons technology, limited manpower and the lack of railroads would have significantly reduced the number of casualties before the South burned Washington DC to the ground and declared victory. It's amusing to think that Andrew Jackson, the slave-owning President from Tennessee and founder of the Democratic Party, could have thrown the first torch into the White House. He never hesitated to shoot men with whom he could see no compromise and launched the Trail of Tears that sent a whole people into exile.

Slavery was a toxic issue upon which men compromised because Constitution. There are other life-defining issues that will not permit men of good conscience to seek compromise because Penumbras. You may put your own names to some of them but one with which I strongly agree is, no taxation without representation. It is utterly foreign to me how this country and most of the rest of the world have decided to saddle future generations with enormous debts that pay for the foolish blandishments of a today, none of which will last until tomorrow except the debts which look like they'll last forever.

Evolution of America   courtesy of wikipedia 

PS Look at the size of the original colonies and also the Indian Territory.


Buck said...

The points in your post are well taken, we have very similar views.

The "evolution" graphic is most interesting... I want the New Mexico of 1858! Give us back Arizona and Nevada!

HMS Defiant said...

Yea! I live in the Western Reserve of Connecticut. It's a wonderful place and it ain't Connecticut.