Friday, November 1, 2013


As you watch the debacle of Obamacare rolled out over an unwilling and incredulous population of the most credulous fools in history, consider the dilemma of the employers, many of whom voted for democrats because of their posturing and faux concern for other people's health care.

Health care costs for those self-insured above the poverty line are doubling and tripling thanks to obamacare. Think what will happen when the employers are forced to pay triple and quadruple the cost to insure their employees and their families next year. That's going to be ugly and the insurers that are holding on in the expectation that they can gouge the deeper pockets of small business are in for a rude awakening. That kind of money isn't there either.

All those foolish immortals who thought the democratic party had your best interests at heart when they tore apart the health insurance market but who were insured by their employers and didn't care what the Federal government did to you little people since they had insurance...well.

It's going to suck to be you next year when the employer mandate is kicked back in. Remember, obamacare passed without a single rethuglican vote in the House or Senate and thus included pure democratic party language unadulterated by reason or moderation and among that language was the escape clause that lets the employer pay a pittance of a fine if she tosses her people bodily into the market place to seek their own insurance at no expense to the company.

Thanks for reliably voting for democrats and rinos.

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