Friday, November 29, 2013


Read it all and weep for a future that will envy the dead.

At this point we are already guaranteed to be the laughing stock of the future, for having entertained this nonsense for even a single year. A cautionary tale of mass hysteria, comparable to the witch-burners or the millenarian doom-cults, all the more so because we were more technologically advanced and fancied ourselves so superior to them.
 When one does read the emails of climate gate at the link and think about it, the global warming scam is just exactly like the Salem Witch Trials and the later vicious and divorced from reality day-care prosecutions of poor innocents.

The idiots that brought us Obamacare and "Peace" with Iran are working tirelessly to implement meaningful changes to the civilized world that will end the Industrial Era. They are not creating a hell on earth. They are trying to make the rest of the world look like Zimbabwe....for our own good.

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