Tuesday, November 26, 2013



Our intentions have been revealed for all to see now. And now the Saudis will reveal that they have their own nuclear weapon stockpile compiled one warhead and bomb at a time from the wreckage of the USSR. Everything there is for sale and the Saudis have a lot of dollars.

The United States has genuine friends in the Middle East. I hope that they are gearing up for a major regional war without us. I think for a number of years those who went out of their way to ally with the US did so primarily because they viewed Iran as their major and most implacable enemy. Iraq and Saddam dreamed of being the reborn satrap of the Ottoman Empire and wanted Kuwait back in the fold but Persia was worse. From a geopolitical point of view she was very much the lion in the room and she has historic claims to the Persian Gulf and everything around it and Persians are not Arabs. Those were the good old days.

For many decades Persia has been actively waging a religious fueled and driven attack on all the Sunni emirates and Kingdoms. She has actively engaged in systematic destabilization of the State using religious means. Clausewitz would have fun with that one. If war is diplomacy by other means, what is using religious hysteria as an extension of diplomacy? Iran has been attacking all of the rest of the Middle East using its religious supremacy of the Shia muslims to goad them to overthrow the Sunni rulers and join the islamic caliphate as another islamic republic. Sort of like how the Soviet Union running the Communist International used liberals to overturn the rational leaders of the world community and become a Soviet Republic. It was very hard on the rationalists, starting with the countries of Eastern Europe. In Africa and Asia the COMINTERN used nationalism to overthrow the remains of imperial rule and then destroy the stability of whole continents.

Saudi Arabia seems like a backward and inward facing region to people that haven't been there. That's largely because it appears to give that impression. It's not at all what people in the West think. One might say the same thing about Bahrain and Kuwait and some would say it about the United Arab Emirates and Oman. What liberals fail to see is that all of those countries are very stable and well governed. In each of them the ruling family and the ruling class decided early on to hold the line on civilization and power-sharing.

They didn't fail to note that civilization itself suffered wherever in the world power-sharing was applied either by the liberals or the nationalists who fell sway to the COMINTERN. The COMINTERN had only one purpose and that was to create satraps of the Soviet Union. In the Middle East, Iran was using the Shia to overthrow stability, toss the country into chaos and then use religious fundamentalism to destroy the state and become an islamic republic.

I think it is very clear now that nobody in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world can rely upon the United States for diplomatic or military support. This is a struggle that they will have to deal with with their own resources or turn into another Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Gaza. They knew that decades ago when they agreed to band together after the first Gulf War. As Shia violence ramped up to topple the government in Bahrain the US did nothing but the Saudis sent in heavily armed troops and shots were fired and people thrown in jail.

The gloves came off in response to both the violence in Bahrain and the Arab Spring. They accept that if government cracks and lets the mob win it will destroy the state. They've seen it now with their own eyes and there is only solution. Violence will be countered with violence and repression and if you're a violent person seeking to overthrow the state you have just two remaining options, death or imprisonment.

Here in the west the liberals are going to whine about the death and imprisonment and seek to 'end the misery' and 'get the government to negotiate power-sharing agreements.' Well I think the remaining Arab rulers know that simply isn't a realistic option anymore, not with these people.

So the question is, what are we going to do to all the religious, hysteric, government and authority hating zealots created by Persia? Because another option would be to deport them. Does anyone on earth want them?


Buck said...

So the question is, what are we going to do to all the religious, hysteric, government and authority hating zealots created by Persia?

I think you answered your own question. The Saudis know what to do. If you include us... the US... in a larger "we," then I think the jury is out but they're leaning towards rolling over and acquiescing to the Iranians. The Left will be the death of us; I'm glad I'm old.

HMS Defiant said...

I kind of feel bad for the poor Iranian version of Leslie Groves and Oppenheimer. Pity him. He's got to make it but then he has to prove it and once they do that, everybody will know. Once that happens is the quandary. Will the Israelis try to single handedly zap all of Iran on their own, wait for the US and UN or will the secret anti-Iran cabal pounce on Iran. My money is on the cabal. The whole world watched us and the UN do nothing as India, Pakistan and North Korea got the bomb but the guys in the sandbox know that they'll all get nuked by Iran. I'm sure it will all come as a great surprise.

OldAFSarge said...

Things look bleak. Very bleak.

virgil xenophon said...

Don't count on Obama to do anything involving military force. He by his very psychological make-up avoids that like Dracula avoids the Cross. Watch for Russian to re-enter the ME providing nuclear guarantees to Iran & Assad with it's newly modernized nuclear force as it tries to edge the US out of the picture by making us even more impotent than we already are via their new improved deterrent nuke forces.

HMS Defiant said...

It will be interesting to see how long the anti-frackers carry on the crusade against that and nuclear power. We'll be drilling in the Arctic range and off the southern California coast before the end of Obama's term.

HMS Defiant said...

It's funny how these old men always hold up a piece of paper and claim that they've found/achieved peace. Oh well, they have a plan.