Thursday, November 21, 2013


I welcome Precom Unit Gerald R. Ford to the Navy.
PCU Gerald R. Ford is moved to the outfitting dock for two years of outfitting
USS San Antonio returning to Norfolk after 10 month deployment.
USS San Antonio reflects a change in the Navy's philosophic bent regarding looking good. In my days we were accustomed to the oft heard refrain, 'work it may, shine it must.' However, in the decade since the OPNAV staff in Washington DC decided to trim costs by 'optimally' manning ships with just 2/3 as many sailors as required, the Navy has come to reflect the care and diligence lavished on the afloat forces in terms of budgets cut, manpower cuts, time at sea slashed and the hell-bent philosophy that says, let's pay contractors to do all the technical, difficult and scut work.

I wonder if the ship's vaunted stealth characteristics are enhanced by running rust or if the navy has developed radar absorbing rust. Either way, this ship won the Battle E which is more than can be said for your humble scribe.

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