Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The Denver Post has an interesting article on the effects of legalizing marijuana  within the great state of Colorado. I'll admit that I used to think everybody in the world except me was a pothead but I have decided that I was in error and it probably isn't more then 2 out of 3 Americans who have a bong in the closet. I'm a fairly reliable kind of guy though so it shouldn't come as any surprise that I not only find this hilarious but I tend to take the kids side. Kids everywhere have been lied to about everything forever with whoppers like, think of the starving Indian kids to transfats are good for you. Are they going to put the evils of smoking pot right there in the crack pipe next to man-made Global Warming?

I'm more outraged by old cops watching the kids from hiding with binoculars. How many other creeps are sitting beside them spying on little kids too? A 2 year undercover police operation to find legal drugs in schools? What next, jailing kids for not washing their hands after using the bathroom? What happened to visible lawmen openly patrolling the streets acting as a deterrent to crime? They got fixated on arresting kids and making airtight cases against them for committing possible misdemeanors.

A little arrested development works for me since that pretty much describes the kind of idiot that voted for Obamacare. I'm not counting as idiots the other old farts who saw it as another splendid way of milking the youth of today for the sins of our ancient past. That's schadenfreude.

Slave States vs Free States


Buck said...

Stand by for heavy "Reefer Madness" rolls.

HMS Defiant said...

I'm sure Sean Penn will be deliriously happy. It's downright cynical that I see the law now as nothing but a boondoggle that funds itself by ripping off the public, finding more ways to rip off the public, enforcing laws solely in order to enrich the police force and possibly the town that hired them. At first there was no money to be made with the new law that sets aside the old law about reefers being bad but then the idiots taxed it at 25% guaranteeing that the police can now start rounding up tax cheats and shaking them down for selling the weed.
I'm laughing now and I plan to keep on laughing. I'm waiting now for the inevitable news story where the feds bust the local cops for selling undercover weed to high school kids in some sort of stupid ass sting operation. It could go the other way too though.