Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I hope they don't call the cops in to help this poor unfortunate deer. That always ends with the police standing over someone who has just been shot 22 times for her own protection.
Maybe if it was a veteran deer, the park police could find her. Either way, I suspect it will end very badly for the little deer.

U P D A T E:
I was wrong.  Good news.  Deer was treated and released today.  


lotta joy said...

This is atrocious. If you can't bring another life down with one shot, then you've no business shooting. I hope he prided himself enough to put his initials or name on that arrow.

HMS Defiant said...

I doubt the hunter did anything like that but I totally agree with you. If you cannot kill an animal with one shot then you have no business hunting. Unfortunately, there's a lot of hunters out there who just shoot at animals and make no pretense at tracking down what they've shot at.

Anne Bonney said...

I am not reading the story, but am hoping against hope that photoshop was involved.

HMS Defiant said...

Sadly no. This was not photoshop. My uncle had a similar deer with an arrow it that he found dead one morning in his back yard in Carlisle. The hunter never showed up and it was clear that the deer had lived for many hours after being wounded. This happened in the next township to Picatinny but we never saw anything like this.