Friday, November 15, 2013

General Milan Štefánik's Triumphant Return

INS- MetroParkCentralis

We're delighted to see that the monument to General Milan Štefánik is once again available in MetroParkCentralis. The monument is located in the Slovak Cultural Garden hard by East Boulevard to the east.
The statue was relocated here from it's initial location at Jeptha Road which is being demolished for some long term project rooted in destroying traffic roundabouts here. The statue reappeared a couple of months ago but it has taken our correspondent some little time to get there for a picture. Next time he will take a real camera.

Welcome back.


virgil xenophon said...

The good general is lucky. Those things have a way of getting misplaced/stolen/destroyed during construction. During the widining of Lincoln street in front of Eastern Ill. Univ which took a strip off the front of the campus a memorial stone horse-shoe seating arrangement gifted by the class of 1913 disappeared while in storage and was never found/recovered. Likewise when the football stadium was enlarged (some 40 years ago) a huge granite rock with a plaque memorializing the first EIU grad KIA in WW I which sat at one end of the field was last seen forlornly leaning up against Booth Library after which it disappeared...

HMS Defiant said...

That was my fear. I've never seen a monument that was moved away come back. The money is there to put it out of sight but it seems to vanish before they can find the money to put it back up somewhere else. That also explains my anger and, obviously, the anger of many like me in San Diego who were outraged at that philanthropic idiot millionaire who thought it was time to demolish the War Memorial in Balboa park to put up a parking garage for the plebian class and limit driving and parking in Balboa park to plutocrats and public officials only.