Tuesday, November 26, 2013


According the the High Minister of Truth at Slate, all the attacks wherein gangs of urban youths cull members of undiversified main body and viciously attack them and knock them to the ground in a sort of gang-mob against 1 unsuspecting person kind of attack, simply doesn't exist. The Ministry of Truth reports,
A column on Slate.com reports that while the game does exist, there is no hard data to support the notion that it is a growing trend that has reached epidemic levels. It also refutes the suggestion by some news organizations that some of the attacks have been racially motivated.
The Slate piece makes reference to another piece on the patheos.com website that says, "Nobody seems to have any evidence that it's spreading, or that it's new, or that it's racially motivated."
The piece continues, "Most sources claim that it is spreading, and a number of sources claim that it is racially motivated. But how do they know? Where are they getting their data from?"
Some people rather suspect that the vicious unwarranted attacks have been going on in certain areas for a lifetime or longer but have not been reported upon previously by the Ministry of Truth. Those bastards are currently being hunted down by the forces of Law and Order and will be punished severely.

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