Monday, November 18, 2013


It says a great deal about the qualifications of a man and his staff who can think of nothing better to do then to try to restart the peace talks between palestinians and civilized people in the Middle East.

We seriously don't have anything else to do? We have to get stuck into this pointless charade? Why?

It goes on for pages and pages and seems to distract any attention from the real news about the Middle East.

It's not like I want the idiots in charge of US foreign policy to do anything else, since what they do best, wreaks havoc on everybody else but couldn't they come up with something a little less stupidly pointless and futile? Couldn't we have new Strategic Arms Limitations Talks with Cuba? Why don't we claim these new volcanic islands forming off the coast of Pakistan and then use them for drone bases as sovereign US Territory?
Photograph from Gwadar Government/AP
The effect would be the same and nobody would seriously believe we were doing it anyway.

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