Monday, April 21, 2014


They play fair. They shoot at you and you can shoot at them and it isn't against the law. Technically it is but they tend to kill you to death if you shoot at them. The Marines are worse.

101st Airborne Goes to School
You would have to be some kind of idiot to open fire on the Army. When you need to enforce the law against the police or the local hatery, they are the one's we call. Sometimes, they're not all that keen on it but they swore an actual oath to support and defend the Constitution. As in New Orleans a few years ago under General Honore, they show up anywhere and anytime. Mostly, in our era, the people say, Thank God, the Army is here. Other times, as above, not so much.

Segregation has been in in the news lately. I have a soft spot in my heart for the former venue of Michael Kelly.  I really enjoyed his take on life and regret his passing.  He knew how to write. I remember his unique transport after he joined the team on the march up to Baghdad.

If you have time, read the first article. It is filled with the American dilemma which I saw best described in Civilization by Ali A Mazrui. There is another generational shift in the making. Just as nobody in my generation was an egregious racist, I think that the current generation is going to deny harboring racists. The problem in the schools isn't racism. The Army fixed that.

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