Friday, April 18, 2014


Everybody thinks they're just for show.  Ceremonial doesn't mean harmless.

 Almost anywhere else in the world one could rightly assume that the guardsman's cover is a beer cooler of some kind but since this is England, odds are it is a modern miniaturized 14 pound radio headset that his command team uses to order him around. In this photo it is clear that they told the guard to keep his finger off the trigger and thrust through the target.

It seems the visitor is from Nigeria and wanted to explain how the Queen could make 98 million dollars by providing him, in his role as Nigerian Vice Minister of Financial Schemes, with her bank account information.


Buck said...

Most interesting link, that. The Mail does good stuff, I don't care if they have a low-brow rep.

HMS Defiant said...

All of them had a say, some more ridiculous than others.
The British don't know how lucky they are though that they haven't militarized police even after decades of Troubles. When they thought they needed an Army to enforce the Law, they actually hired the Army to do it, they didn't turn every officer into SWAT. We kind of screwed that up here.