Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Seriously, you better arm yourself.


By the by, John Kerry is just the brainy man to conspire with Obama to let slip that we won't fight for X. When another Red Army crosses yet another frontier it will be the follow-on Republican administration and Congress that investigates and wonders how such brainy dudes could have let another ally go under. It will be, "who lost China" and the lame explanation about how Korea failed to make it into the American sphere when the smartest guy in the State Department left it on the table for the communists to pick up, all over again.


Anne Bonney said...

Ah, plus ça change . . .

HMS Defiant said...

Sadly, everybody still wants to bark but there's hardly any teeth left and none in Europe except Russia. History is drawing parallels. When people question why WWII happened they don't remember that Europe had disarmed in revulsion and nobody wanted to launch an 'arms race' and set the whole powder train to war alight again. We'll get the same thing in a few years.