Saturday, April 5, 2014


Roger Simon asked the question but I stole the image  at American Digest:

The answer, sadly, is no. I haven't noticed any silencing. In fact, I spend a lot more time now with people who earnestly believe in the majesty and awesomeness of democrats. They are completely convinced that Obamacare is the very best possible thing that could have been done to America and they don't really see any problems with any of his other policies, lies or executions.

It's rather annoying.


Buck said...

Simon must run in completely different circles than you and me. I've not noticed the Lefties shutting up a bit, either. The fever swamps of left-wing blogs are just as strident, shrill, annoying, and wrong as they ever were.

HMS Defiant said...

I'm not much for visiting their sites because Bush! Plus, as you say, the shrill, annoying, wrong idiocy that strengthens them so much with truth and power.