Saturday, April 5, 2014


I'm more amused than angry at the Mozilla Auto-da Fe so I get a kick out of reading the comments on their web site:
 "Goodbye! I am deleting Firefox from all of my machines due to your intolerance of Brendan Eich's opinions. He is well within his rights as a free American to hold whatever view he believes AND perform a job diligently. If you cannot abide that he has views you disagree with I cannot abide you, or any other though-Nazis. It was good while it lasted."
"myself nor my family nor our businesses will continue to use your browser as long as you allow bullies to affect your business decisions like who remains your CEO. Making a donation to a cause whatever political leanings it implies should not dictate your job opportunities or allow others to persecute them for their website"
Uh, guys? Mozilla gives it away. I'm not sure holding your breath until they reform will work.


Buck said...

Sigh. I read more of those comments than I prolly should have. Depressing.

HMS Defiant said...

It seems the country has tolerance only for people who are stupidly passionate. I can feel the adults withdrawing from society every day.